Monday, July 7, 2014


Have you ever really pondered words…?

It appears  humans  have abilities to comprehend , yet daily say, use and reference Words without knowing their Intent.

When was the last time you gave an opinion that was not asked for ?  How about an act of encouragement that  became an insult?

Remember when you said something and were stone cold — dead wrong?  Did you really even know?  Did you care?  Did you think?   Intent !

The word has the energy of a Hurricane with the comfort of a Summers Breeze.  It exposes us while many times we do not even know we are being exposed.

Intent of Word will not nor can not be denied.  Words can and will steal, kill and destroy the Best relationships.

 Whether we like it or not our words are filled with Intent.  It’s time to KNOW what Your true Intent is when you speak, act out or offer Your take on an issue.

Do we speak to be heard or seen?  Thought of as intelligent?  To build and support or to tear down while we apparently defend our opinion?  Intent !

I have heard people say," I do not have to be Right."  Also, " My opinion is just that, MY opinion." Yet in a pinch, we lovely human beings, share our Intent whether asked for or not. Whether sharpened or dulled by selfish ambitions.

  We believe we have somehow earned the right.  We really want to be heard and thought of  as wise. We like being heard ... it feeds our EGO...

We are trying to prove our value and worth more than our Integrity of heart .  Mind you WE ALL do this at one time or another.

To say, " I am sorry" is very kind...IF you really mean it and are not  trying to appease someone. When one must be told “say you’re sorry”  it has no emotional or moral value.

Children say “sorry”  then remain as cruelly behaved as they had been.  WHY?  They learned the Lack of Intent.

 Their words are valueless, for they have been taught, by adults, that “sorry” really does not have to be true nor have any meaning.

 I'm Sorry is devalued when one is not taught the REAL reason to apologize. Therefore the Intent of the word is shallow.

Yet here we sit , spew out Words with killer Intent  then say ” Oops, Sorry.  Did that hurt You ?  I really did not mean that. "

This is what sarcasm is truly about.  It is said jokingly but meant to cut, hurt or embarrass .

 This is how cruelty became part of comedy.  This is what we do when we care not one iota what the Intent of our Words will really do to ones being !

We laugh, appearing not to be moved, however the words have struck their intended target.  The scar they leave may cause intense duress.

Why this post?  Far too many need a wake up call ....  We need to KNOW the sound, power, and purpose of our Words.

 ALL manner of men need to readjust our speech.   ALL, need to learn the meaning of what it is we are really truly saying.

 We need to seriously look at our choice of words  from the view of the other person.  This is Intent in action.

With Words…whether realized or not, we either cut down or build up.  Thus the Power of Intent IS imperative.

 Intent is a sword, as sharp as Excalibur, when not wielded correctly it will cut to the quick.  It is therefore, extremely wise and respectful to Know the Power of  Your Words.

We cannot claim Wisdom , yet speak in a manner that deliberately cuts another.  For that is not Wisdom.…

We cannot claim Honor while defending one and literally slaying another…  For, indeed that is not Honor.

We cannot claim intelligence then by the very word of our mouth curse a human being for not being who and what We believe they should be.  For most definitely this is not Intelligence.

Hence, the challenge…. Will You ?  Will I ? Dare ourselves,  to use our freedom of speech for the GOOD of Intent ?

 We hold within our hand a very Powerful tool.  When used wisely and carefully our Words will  empower.

   If only to save one mind,  one spirit,  one soul,  would you Dare yourself to listen to your Words and their Intent ?

Then and only then can we say we have achieved Wisdom and Honor and conquered Intelligence.

 For the Sword you wield is the tongue and the arrow you shoot is the Intent of your WORDS….

We , All, need the Positive Power of Intent in Word and Deed…

We need You…  Your Words….. Your Honor…..  Your Truth…..

Our world is
waiting for you…. Come join the family of Man and fill the Earth with the Beauty of ......

The Power of Intent


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