Friday, June 28, 2013


How often have we pondered the possibilities ?

  In ones lifetime there exists an insurmountable amount of moments in which we literally must take stock of the opportunities presented us.

Nothing happens by chance.... it is ALL formed by the hands of creation.  Whether by decision or choice there is an opportunity to act a moment of reckoning.

The real issue  –  Do we take these as gifts for change and purpose  or do we look at them as unattainable tasks….?

It is imperative for each one to take inventory of our goals.

 To be realistic .... to be truthful.  However, it must not be in a self loathing or demeaning mindset.

For this is a moment for Hope and Possibility.

For within each state of being is that which is true and that which is fabricated through the influences we've had in our life.

We , ALL of us, have been influenced , we are continually influenced.  The question is? Who are we allowing to influence our thought patterns ?  Are those principles true ... just ... for our personal benefit and well being ?

Have we asked of ourselves for OUR Truth ?  Have we asked  ourself what is OUR Purpose ?

This is the beginning of wisdom.  Yes, Wisdom at it’s most profound state ! WHY ?

 Because within each created being is the purpose of their existence….their potential…their gift to the world to mankind.

It all starts with the goals we choose to set.  The reasons for setting these goals?  The choices for attempting them,and the principles behind  our choices.

There is not a single being on the face of this great Earth that does not have to venture into the waters of decision.

There is however, only one plan for each of us and it IS our job to fulfill our potential.

It starts with a list of the Possibilities.  The goal setting steps we must take that will make possible the fulfillment of our purpose.

We will face the opposition of our old thought patterns as we encounter these New Directives.

Our old patterns are there for a purpose.  They serve as the stepping stones for ALL the new decisions and choices.

  They are not there for us to berate and belittle ourselves.  They are meant to enlighten and direct…not disfigure nor distort.

The possibilities are endless as we willfully make a plan, willingly take the steps to override our old thought patterns…

The exacted development of our thought seeds will enhance the type of harvest we seek to produce.

 If  we  plant indecision we will reap indecision.  If  we plant positive we will  most definitely reap the positive crop of new beginnings and opportunities.

It is not the quantity of what our thoughts hold it is the quality of their being their influence upon our own abilities.

There will always be a risk factor or a cost , a cause and effect.  That is the nature of this process.

However, here within these risks, costs, causes and effects are the steps toward the goals and achievements.

  These are ever attainable for the one who daringly braves the challenge within himself pushing ever forward into New patterns of thinking.  Forcing the Power of Creation to fulfill it's purpose.

No choice will come without the surrender of self to each New Possibility.  The daring and freedom attached to this life changing pattern is endless !

For within the New we find the old serves a purpose.  It teaches us where the old road ends and the New  road begins.

 It teaches us how to process information in a new light.  It opens for us the doorway to change we have sought after our entire lives.

Therefore,set goals…seek new principles…give yourself  the opportunity to free patterns within that have not served you.

Dare to think positive.... give yourself permission to be more…to be different…to be unique…To Be Free…

We have within our grasp the potential to be entirely free from the head noise that has plagued our thoughts.

 The fog of choices or decisions we've made that has not served us fully as we had first assumed.

We must dare to see the possibilities of what can be…what will be...what we Will choose to become. 

We must start by granting ourselves permission to let go ALL the old patterns and choices that are truly not working  for us.

When the time for action arrives we  may find the old patterns pushing forward.   Please Do Not despair.

We can use these opportunities as the stepping stones they are as We take hold of  OURSELF !

Ah- the Victory as we watch ourselves make progress we thought impossible in the past.

 Using the possibility of what can be as we dared to change.  Thank Creation for the plantings of Wisdom that were Always there laying in wait for this very moment…

It is a task … It will take work … It will produce … You can do it…

How do I know ?   I  was attached to the static head noise.  Moreover, after applying these techniques I began to literally see the change…. be  the change…You can too… !

Life is Beautiful… It is filled with the potential of ALL the Possibilities available to each and every one…

It is up to you and me to take that chance and set goals.  To work through the thought patterns making changes that fill our inmost needs.

Here, in this place, we will find that.... All things are Possible to he who dares to Believe.



At June 28, 2013 at 3:42 PM , Blogger Fran Cincinnati said...

My Dear Friends, This is a rewrite of an article I wrote 3years ago. I Pray as you read you find the courage and Faith to make the necessary steps. In doing so you too, will be ALL that You can Be !!!! Blessings to You ALL !


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