Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 How is it that we make so many plans for today then find no time to fulfill our plan?
Are we being realistic or are we hurried by the flow of society?
Questions without viable answers seem to flood our space.
Can we really be so full of self that we live in an almost robotic state?
Are we listening? Is this where we are as a people?
I have found I am consumed with ALL the schedules,chores and appointments.
OH, we are very busy....which causes us to feel very important.
Our days are filled with rushing,keeping rigid schedules feeling as though we have achieved even when...
Our family times are lacking.  Our children are out of the home
more than in the home.  We are emptied, exhausted and overtaxed.
Yes, jobs are important. Yes, children need to be filled 
both mentally & morally. Yes bills need to be paid.
But at what cost?
Today,stop for a moment. Breathe deeply the life breath gifted
to each one of us.
Feel the warmth of the sun. The comfort of a walk. Listen to some great music. Just stop for a moment!

Now, if you can, just be still.  Now, enjoy being yourself, Quietly...Gently...Fully.

Enjoy your family....your spouse....your children....
your faith.... because you choose to honor them.

Take time for the Beauty in life then watch what happens.

You'll find... Peace... Calm...Hope...Comfort...LOVE.

Oh the joy, all because you took time to stop for a while.

Take the time to sit, to dream, to watch, there is Abundant Beauty in all!

Oh! Enjoy. Be filled! Maybe, just maybe our world would truly become a better place.

What do you say?  Why not.  Let ALL of us attempt this !

Who knows?  We may leave this Earth greater than what we inherited....

What do we have to loose?  Go through this doorway and find what lies within...


At March 5, 2013 at 2:27 PM , Blogger Dee Gabinet said...

Beautiful! I have no doubt that if we all took 10 minutes each day to sit still, be quiet and dream a little... the world would change in an instant :) So pleased that you're writing again Fran. You were born for this. Much love to you.


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