Friday, March 29, 2013

Dare To Dream

Do you Dare to Dream ?   What about those Dreams to go somewhere or be something?   How often have your Dreams been put off to give credence to what you believe is important at the time .   I am not suggesting that lives issues are unimportant.   Nor that the everyday circumstances we face are insignificant.    I am , however, suggesting that life has caused many who did Dare to Dream , to loose their dream.   We do most definitely need to live and take care of our families and financial obligations .   But....What about your Dreams?   Are there any left or have they been reduced to mere fantasies .   Phantom thoughts that take no real precedence in your realities.   Please understand , I by no means condone any abandonment , neglect or selfishness.   We are so busy surviving the throws of life that we Do Not truly Live Life.    I still Dare to Dream of going to Europe.   Also, of taking a safari .  And I dare not forget my Alaska dream.    I have realized that while I have been surviving life I have not planned well enough to live out some of my very real, very tangible dreams.
You see, they got lost in the survival mode  which sometimes makes Dreams seem unattainable
or worse, unrealistic.
Mind you these are my Heartfelt realities.  They may not be yours.  You are truly capable of maintaining
your own personal Dreams.  The question is : Are you ?
We need to make room for our dreams and find realistic ways to achieve them honorably.
Plan and save your dollars and pennies.  Watch what you can accomplish.
I know of a man who pays any purchase with a full dollar amount.  Thereby keeping his change.  In 4 years he saved enough to go to France....A life long Dream.  He did not compromise but wisely  achieved !
When was the last  time you just stopped the clock for a moment and dreamed ?
Be reasonable and realistic !   For without this you cannot expect to approach your..Yes I Can !
Instill in your children the possibilities  of the dreams they  have.
Give them permission to dream and dare to believe their dreams attainable.
A dear friend has a 7 year old who wants to be a Brain Surgeon...yes that's what I said !
Well, her mother takes her to hospitals, doctors, the library.  Why ?   She is encouraging this
little one that anything is possible if you dare to dream and work at it reasonably.
I  know of a great man who once said: " I have a Dream" and went out into the world
and made that dream a realty. That man was Dr. Martin Luther King .
Just think of the possibilities this world holds for those who Dare to Dream and then
go after that dream with Honor,Heart and Diligence.
Oh, don't give up !  There is much at stake. You may be the one to invent a cure or bring Peace,
or scale a mountain, or travel the world.  Maybe write a book..  Maybe teach class.
Maybe the world has been waiting for your Dream to bring a Hope and Comfort to those in need.
May your heart be filled and your mind be diligent in All righteousness as you


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