Monday, July 7, 2014


Have you ever really pondered words…?

It appears  humans  have abilities to comprehend , yet daily say, use and reference Words without knowing their Intent.

When was the last time you gave an opinion that was not asked for ?  How about an act of encouragement that  became an insult?

Remember when you said something and were stone cold — dead wrong?  Did you really even know?  Did you care?  Did you think?   Intent !

The word has the energy of a Hurricane with the comfort of a Summers Breeze.  It exposes us while many times we do not even know we are being exposed.

Intent of Word will not nor can not be denied.  Words can and will steal, kill and destroy the Best relationships.

 Whether we like it or not our words are filled with Intent.  It’s time to KNOW what Your true Intent is when you speak, act out or offer Your take on an issue.

Do we speak to be heard or seen?  Thought of as intelligent?  To build and support or to tear down while we apparently defend our opinion?  Intent !

I have heard people say," I do not have to be Right."  Also, " My opinion is just that, MY opinion." Yet in a pinch, we lovely human beings, share our Intent whether asked for or not. Whether sharpened or dulled by selfish ambitions.

  We believe we have somehow earned the right.  We really want to be heard and thought of  as wise. We like being heard ... it feeds our EGO...

We are trying to prove our value and worth more than our Integrity of heart .  Mind you WE ALL do this at one time or another.

To say, " I am sorry" is very kind...IF you really mean it and are not  trying to appease someone. When one must be told “say you’re sorry”  it has no emotional or moral value.

Children say “sorry”  then remain as cruelly behaved as they had been.  WHY?  They learned the Lack of Intent.

 Their words are valueless, for they have been taught, by adults, that “sorry” really does not have to be true nor have any meaning.

 I'm Sorry is devalued when one is not taught the REAL reason to apologize. Therefore the Intent of the word is shallow.

Yet here we sit , spew out Words with killer Intent  then say ” Oops, Sorry.  Did that hurt You ?  I really did not mean that. "

This is what sarcasm is truly about.  It is said jokingly but meant to cut, hurt or embarrass .

 This is how cruelty became part of comedy.  This is what we do when we care not one iota what the Intent of our Words will really do to ones being !

We laugh, appearing not to be moved, however the words have struck their intended target.  The scar they leave may cause intense duress.

Why this post?  Far too many need a wake up call ....  We need to KNOW the sound, power, and purpose of our Words.

 ALL manner of men need to readjust our speech.   ALL, need to learn the meaning of what it is we are really truly saying.

 We need to seriously look at our choice of words  from the view of the other person.  This is Intent in action.

With Words…whether realized or not, we either cut down or build up.  Thus the Power of Intent IS imperative.

 Intent is a sword, as sharp as Excalibur, when not wielded correctly it will cut to the quick.  It is therefore, extremely wise and respectful to Know the Power of  Your Words.

We cannot claim Wisdom , yet speak in a manner that deliberately cuts another.  For that is not Wisdom.…

We cannot claim Honor while defending one and literally slaying another…  For, indeed that is not Honor.

We cannot claim intelligence then by the very word of our mouth curse a human being for not being who and what We believe they should be.  For most definitely this is not Intelligence.

Hence, the challenge…. Will You ?  Will I ? Dare ourselves,  to use our freedom of speech for the GOOD of Intent ?

 We hold within our hand a very Powerful tool.  When used wisely and carefully our Words will  empower.

   If only to save one mind,  one spirit,  one soul,  would you Dare yourself to listen to your Words and their Intent ?

Then and only then can we say we have achieved Wisdom and Honor and conquered Intelligence.

 For the Sword you wield is the tongue and the arrow you shoot is the Intent of your WORDS….

We , All, need the Positive Power of Intent in Word and Deed…

We need You…  Your Words….. Your Honor…..  Your Truth…..

Our world is
waiting for you…. Come join the family of Man and fill the Earth with the Beauty of ......

The Power of Intent

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Power of One Man

I've been wondering .....Just wondering, how we are doing as a people.
What are our priorities ?  Why are they what they are ?  Where is our world going?
Men have conquered many things.  Flight.  Space.  Technology.  Medicine.  Oh so many things.  However, have we conquered ourselves?

 Really taken the steps to become better human beings than those of our past history?
There are many who would say, Yes.   Unequivocally YES !  But is this really true?
We thought the Caesar's were brutal.  We thought that Galileo was out of touch.  We've thought we were more intelligent than any era before ourselves.

Have you noticed it's all about We...Us...Our...Mine...Yours...Theirs...?  We seem to be consumed with ourselves and our intelligence.

Not learned knowledge, but the kind that sets one apart from another or above another.  We've written into laws the ability for some to be above the Law. 

 Positions, Attributes, Knowledge,  are all used to seal the fate of one into a position of some kind of authoritive abuse, although we'd never stoop so low as to admit this.

We've become so very Porud of ourselves that we granted ourselves permission to be demeaning and disgraceful to anyone different than our self or anyone we believe is less important than our self.

Positions have caused many to reduce others to lap dogs, belittled, betrayed, beneath the one in the authoritive position to lord over another.

We have glorified Class.  Money has glorified Position.  Family names have altered Status. Color has changed who is or isn't Allowed to be.

Oh, we wear many different hats...the boss, the doctor, the lawyer, the inventor, the writer, the teacher, the politician, the scientist, ....did you get it yet?

We are all so very proud of ourselves that we look down our nose at anyone we can put beneath our self.

At any given moment in a day someone is at the hands of another, mostly being abused or taken for granted.

We have all had the scenario played out before us.  We hated it done to us!  How is it that we can so easily do it to another?

How, in a world filled with True Knowledge have we sunk to such distasteful, demeaning behaviors?

Have we learned anything from our past history?  We are about to sell out our entire planet for the opinions of scientists, politicians, leaders of our communities who have been granted the status of superiority.

Our water is in danger.  Our air is poluted.  We use status as a calling card to power. We are destroying the land.

Why?  How is it that the few can regulate the lives of the many?  Why do the many sit back and allow themselves to be grossly manipulated ?

This IS a very serious issue. If we do not get back morals, values, and scruples we are leaving room for the few to destroy the many.

 With the smile of false kindness, and the promise of empty words, we are stealing the very bread from our tables, breath from our lungs and hope from our hearts..

We have medicines that will literally kill, but are produced because they make the few very wealthy.

We have chemicals in ALL sorts of products....oh yes, each country has their limits but, they are indeed still there.

Our children are being taught what the few have decided  is good, right or a viable commodity.

We sell our rights for false safety.  If we continue to be secure in the governments of our world we can literally kiss the world and ourselves goodbye.

Maybe to some I sound cynical or obtrusive.  To others foolish and not worthy of attention.  To others still I can be a threat.

If I get us thinking, standing and moving in a different direction maybe things would Really change for the better.

If we as a people, a country , a state or city or village or county or town, would dare to make a difference we can turn the tides of our world.

This is not just for one nation or one people.  This is about ALL of us. From the smallest of people the the largest .

Take a good look at the politics of the place in which you live.  Do they really take care of you?

Are things in place to help you make it or are you digging in the dirt, pressing into a system made to govern your very choices and behaviors?

Honestly,  we are ALL in the same place, because most of us do not have the high positions that give us the clout to produce the laws or factors of society.

All we have is our Truth !  We need to be on the same page if we are going to make a difference in our world.

We are ALL responsible !    We are ALL part of the problem and part of the solution.

Do you want the same fight for your children as you've had?  Will there even be the same opportunities for our children that we have had?

I am not saying I have all the answers,however, I am saying if we really stood together our world would have half a chance.

At any given time in any given day someone can be responsible enough to make a stand .

Someone can Encourage another...Inspire another...Feed another...Support another...Respect another!

It is not about race...color...ethnicity...regional or national.  It is however, about we, as men and women who would daringly  grasp the importance of each and every soul and HONOR them.

Oh, take a moment.  Make a difference. We have all we need.  It is in our hearts and minds, we are here for a purpose.

We were created with the abilities that can make a difference.

All of us have fallen short but, that can work for us.....How?  We can realize that NO ONE is better than another....NO ONE !

There IS hope for our world, it lies within the soul of every human being.

But, we MUST stand in Humility.  Not in Greed or a striving for Superiority.

Stand... because we can.. Reach... beyond our previous limits... Grant... our world the HOPE OF A FUTURE....

Now watch, as just one man or woman makes a difference, the tides WILL change, for the Creator, the Breath of Life , rewards the efforts of those who dare to stand.

May you find within yourself the Power, Will and Ability to look at the man in the mirror and start there.

I AM....

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It All starts with a Seed !

Whether it is a thought or an action or a decision… the seedling of reality started the process of ALL that is Possible.

There are many ways to utilize information to fulfill it’s purpose.

However, there is only one right way for each person… even within the same thought pattern.

One MUST, take in the information and use it to fulfill their personal potential.

Ahhh..But the seed of thought is the essence of ALL Possibility…

Only You can decide which way to work the plant that arises from this gift of Creation.
 Have you taken in what is needed only to then cut down the  first fruits of it’s bounty?

Many a man has had the opportunity then without much thought cut off his own crop because he was in to much of a hurry to produce.

What happens next ?  There was not enough cultivation time, the seedling that burst forth has been stifiled…stunted…dwarfted… of it’s full potential… Why?

 We have tried to force the hands of time not waiting patiently while the planted seed takes root and reproduces itself within all the fullness of it's being and purpose.

We must be patient watering the seedling and tilling the land removing all the weeds…stones...debris.

This means we take time to… read….learn…use the proper tools appropriately. 
 To tenderly care for the seedling that was so gently planted within our mind and heart…

The work needed is for our benefit, for the world around us and for the benefit of the potential within the planted seed.

There is a place called PEACE OF MIND that makes all of this possible.

It starts within the mind and within the actions of the one Brave enough to utilize all the tools provided.

We must seek after these tools,  finding the best opportunities that will work the seedling.
 The efforts of our labour, our actions and steps carefully taken cause these seeds to bear their fruits producing a good crop in our lives.

When the right actions are applied and the forces of determination are instilled….Ahhh….then the fruits produced are abundant, sweet and rewarding.

However,  we must indeed take the necessary steps to forge ahead and work the soil of the seed.

This is one of the most important steps in producing the full crop for our labours.

Each step….each action builds within itself the power of fulfillment. The hope of change.  The excitement of newness.

No matter how tired or worn out we may be…No matter how abundant the task….There begins to be a reachable expectation.

Taken in small pieces and used for each intended purpose these seedling thought patterns have no choice but to burst into Fruition.

Many things in life come with instructions…many come with an untold knowledge…many are found and forged in the fires of adversity that each man must face and conquer.

It is true …If we Seek we Will Find….If we Ask we will Receive…. If we Knock the door Will be Opened to us.

BUT Know this….It is WE who must do the work.  We cannot get there on the backs of others nor with the skills of another.
We ourselves must learn, must know how to use these incredible gifts.

It MUST become personal…. be filled within the heart and soul of the one caring for the seedling….

Are your hands filled?  Is there work still to be achieved?  Will you Allow yourself the freedom of utilizing ALL the tools?

You will find that in order for the fullness to proceed, you must learn All that is possible, leaving no stone overturned to achieve.
Here we are talking about what is good, right, honorable.  Being mischievous or deceitful we become part of the problem and merely exist.

We MUST, therefore, Seek…Look…Read…Learn…Take the time.
 For in doing so we become the solution and change the space which we inhabit forever.

Then watch as All the seedlings you have tenderly planted and cultivated burst into plants that

Produce a Crop 100 fold….

The possibilities are endless and the potential is Abundant….

Take the needed steps.  Use All that is available.  Watch as life fills your cup to overflow…

I Dare You… I Dare ALL of Us... Plant the Seeds… Do the Work….

Watch as Life & Nature Fill you to overflow and possibilities beyond your reasoning take root .
May ALL that is Good Fill Every Opportunity You Encounter.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dare to DREAM

It appears that many of us have forgotten to Dare to Dream.

Not in a fantasy or childlike manner but with the Possibilities of a future filled with Promise and Purpose.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to step outside your own imposed barriers?

When was the last time you permitted yourself  the right to have or be more than you ever dared?

Many live in a self imposed invisible cage. We pace back and forth within it’s boundaries as one unable to be set free.

Yet for ALL intended purposes we are truly really free !  Look at your arms are shackles tied around them? 
 Do you have the invisible key to these invisible shackles?

When and how did they get there?  What caused these imposed limits and demands upon your free will and abilities??

Why these questions? Because it is my interpretation that WE, People,have developed some very limiting boundaries.

Not those that are needed such as, do not Steal, Kill, Covet, Cause Harm Deliberately…
No… these we know and for the most part seriously strive to live within .

I’m talking about the realistic abilities that can be achieved by anyone.
Yet many do not even attempt to stand nor live within the Purpose and Power of these principles.

We have forgotten to be Daring. We've forgotten to Dream ALL those Real Possibilities that Can BE——IF we would DARE!

We encourage children to believe they can be anything they like.
Then as adults we put constraints upon those dreams and press for a conformity that suits our opinions, beliefs or societal trends.

What has happened to our society that was once so supportive and encouraging to the Dreams of another ?  To the Hope of what one may become?
Even within the field that one wishes to work ....We have forgotten to DREAM... !  Dare I say, we desperately need to Dream again!  Yes Desperately ! 

We seem to be in a place of: not allowing ourselves to grow and stretch...therefore we dissuade others from their dreams also.

I for one have had enough of the head noise.  That of my peers of my family my so called  friends and  of course myself.
We  have those well meaning others saying things like:  "You can’t do that it’s a scheme."  "That doesn’t seem right for you." "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" "Can that really be your purpose ?"
We sell our self and others down a river of despair. Yet we ourselves long to traverse this river of great adventures and possibilities!

Have you given advice that was meant to turn away, possibly even distort rather than  inspire, support or build up?  
What in the name of ALL that is Great- True and Pure are we doing?  Have we become the thing we hated? 
 Have we let  fear or greed steal our very Honor and literally crush the spirit of another?
I have seen myself as well as others go above and beyond to stop or thwart an others dreams and plans.   This is one thing I AM NOT proud to say !
However, I've done this All in the name of friendship, caring, kindness dare I say even in the name of love.
Caring yet demeaning an others faith and dreams and hopes.????  For what purpose?  Maybe for the blatant fact that I can't seem to Dream right now so I can not help you to dream.
 It is my intention to enlighten !  To encourage !  I choose not to malign nor destroy. Not my Dreams ....  Not your Dreams...

I have been on the upward call of late and find many of my dear friends have opinions that say… no… you cannot… that doesn’t seem right…  ALL in the name of LOVE…but is it?
I had stopped dreaming… For life and thrown me some serious  curves which hit hard and furious. 
 However, in the midst of these there appeared to be a hope !
Doors began to open.   My mind began to stir.  Other possibilities appeared to become brighter in new and different ways.

I began to Dare to Dream again as HOPE flooded my spirit.  A new zeal I had yet to touch moved within.
 Oh, the breath of fresh air  the expectations began to spur me onward and stir my soul.

I realize this may not be the right time for everyone.  However, I am only looking for those who are looking for me….  those who are on the verge of a new beginning.

I am seeking to lift… build… inspire… the person who can relate and appreciate my words.
 You see I am sharing my most precious gift.....I am sharing myself!

I make no apologies nor will I ….  For I have thought long and hard.  I have faced my own Goliath and cut off it’s ugly head.

I seek to inspire anyone who would DARE to read these words... Dare to seek freedom…  To Dare to Dream of ALL the Possibilities that come from a change of thoughts, actions even beliefs…

If we dare to dream and fall short in our life plan, no matter whatever the circumstances… the CHOICE to do NOTHING  is our own….
Yet the choice to do nothing signifies an unwillingness.  A place where we stay mired in the muck and cemented in the patterns of thinking that caused us not to follow our dreams in the first place.

Oh my friend… my fellow sojourner... there  really are no shackles. There really are no limits.  Many who have been broken in body, mind, spirit even financially have stood at this precipice.

There is the Hope of YOUR Dream.  The courage to Dare oneself to look beyond that which appears to be in the way…

I have been climbing my own mountain.   I’ve fallen.  I have been struck. Yet again and again I've gotten up.  I am getting up once again right NOW !  Saying ” NO”  I will not stop… !!!
I have Dared and My Dream is at hand… For my dream holds within itself ALL the Hope for my future. As long as I have breath I CANNOT give up !!!

You see when I decided to Dream I noticed that life Dared to give back.  To give back for good thoughts  towards others, kind words, support without opinion,  the true sense of loving just for the sake of love…

No questions asked…No breaking of honorable rules...  The only expectations are from myself.  
 But each one must DARE to push ever on into our… why not me …why not now…?
Without the world view of usury or deceit.  Without manipulations or terrible disrespectfulness that rages within our society. 
 Oh no my friend it must be Pure Honor !

It dawned upon me I had imposed limits which tied me up… I believed in them more than My Dream….

Now in ALL Sincerity I write this after many a sleepless night.  After deep searching and taring down of these old patterns.... Dare  I say , "my spirit soars"…

For I have Dared to Dream ……………If I can……………SO CAN YOU…………… DARE………  DREAM……………  BE…………  BELIEVE……………WILL IT to be……… Seek it!
Watch as the World, the Universe..... gives back when you DARE to be your very best.
 Let go! Let the Hope of Life and the Gifts of Life deep within yourself fill your very HEART.
Yes you can.... We may find....that one by one we can change this world.

This is my desire for ALL … Be Filled and Prosper… Live in Honor…Integrity…Dignity….
Make a change.... Dare Yourself....



Friday, June 28, 2013


How often have we pondered the possibilities ?

  In ones lifetime there exists an insurmountable amount of moments in which we literally must take stock of the opportunities presented us.

Nothing happens by chance.... it is ALL formed by the hands of creation.  Whether by decision or choice there is an opportunity to act a moment of reckoning.

The real issue  –  Do we take these as gifts for change and purpose  or do we look at them as unattainable tasks….?

It is imperative for each one to take inventory of our goals.

 To be realistic .... to be truthful.  However, it must not be in a self loathing or demeaning mindset.

For this is a moment for Hope and Possibility.

For within each state of being is that which is true and that which is fabricated through the influences we've had in our life.

We , ALL of us, have been influenced , we are continually influenced.  The question is? Who are we allowing to influence our thought patterns ?  Are those principles true ... just ... for our personal benefit and well being ?

Have we asked of ourselves for OUR Truth ?  Have we asked  ourself what is OUR Purpose ?

This is the beginning of wisdom.  Yes, Wisdom at it’s most profound state ! WHY ?

 Because within each created being is the purpose of their existence….their potential…their gift to the world to mankind.

It all starts with the goals we choose to set.  The reasons for setting these goals?  The choices for attempting them,and the principles behind  our choices.

There is not a single being on the face of this great Earth that does not have to venture into the waters of decision.

There is however, only one plan for each of us and it IS our job to fulfill our potential.

It starts with a list of the Possibilities.  The goal setting steps we must take that will make possible the fulfillment of our purpose.

We will face the opposition of our old thought patterns as we encounter these New Directives.

Our old patterns are there for a purpose.  They serve as the stepping stones for ALL the new decisions and choices.

  They are not there for us to berate and belittle ourselves.  They are meant to enlighten and direct…not disfigure nor distort.

The possibilities are endless as we willfully make a plan, willingly take the steps to override our old thought patterns…

The exacted development of our thought seeds will enhance the type of harvest we seek to produce.

 If  we  plant indecision we will reap indecision.  If  we plant positive we will  most definitely reap the positive crop of new beginnings and opportunities.

It is not the quantity of what our thoughts hold it is the quality of their being their influence upon our own abilities.

There will always be a risk factor or a cost , a cause and effect.  That is the nature of this process.

However, here within these risks, costs, causes and effects are the steps toward the goals and achievements.

  These are ever attainable for the one who daringly braves the challenge within himself pushing ever forward into New patterns of thinking.  Forcing the Power of Creation to fulfill it's purpose.

No choice will come without the surrender of self to each New Possibility.  The daring and freedom attached to this life changing pattern is endless !

For within the New we find the old serves a purpose.  It teaches us where the old road ends and the New  road begins.

 It teaches us how to process information in a new light.  It opens for us the doorway to change we have sought after our entire lives.

Therefore,set goals…seek new principles…give yourself  the opportunity to free patterns within that have not served you.

Dare to think positive.... give yourself permission to be more…to be different…to be unique…To Be Free…

We have within our grasp the potential to be entirely free from the head noise that has plagued our thoughts.

 The fog of choices or decisions we've made that has not served us fully as we had first assumed.

We must dare to see the possibilities of what can be…what will be...what we Will choose to become. 

We must start by granting ourselves permission to let go ALL the old patterns and choices that are truly not working  for us.

When the time for action arrives we  may find the old patterns pushing forward.   Please Do Not despair.

We can use these opportunities as the stepping stones they are as We take hold of  OURSELF !

Ah- the Victory as we watch ourselves make progress we thought impossible in the past.

 Using the possibility of what can be as we dared to change.  Thank Creation for the plantings of Wisdom that were Always there laying in wait for this very moment…

It is a task … It will take work … It will produce … You can do it…

How do I know ?   I  was attached to the static head noise.  Moreover, after applying these techniques I began to literally see the change…. be  the change…You can too… !

Life is Beautiful… It is filled with the potential of ALL the Possibilities available to each and every one…

It is up to you and me to take that chance and set goals.  To work through the thought patterns making changes that fill our inmost needs.

Here, in this place, we will find that.... All things are Possible to he who dares to Believe.


Monday, June 10, 2013

The Music of Wisdom

Beware of not acting upon what you see and hear in YOUR moments on the mountaintop.
  If you do not obey-honor-respect the light of the GIFT given, it WILL turn into darkness.
  Therefore, how great is YOUR DARKNESS ?  Has your truth disintegrated within you ?
  Has your past experience of Mountaintop Utopia left you full of prideful selfishness?
  Therefore you....YOURSELF trampled your gift.
When we refuse to be what Creation has planned for us than a dark film of self-untruth-anxiousness and denial Rule our life.
  So the question I must ask.....How great is YOUR DARKNESS?
We've been sent a moment of Wisdom, one who has walked before us and come out of the DARKNESS.
  How is it that Wisdom is often limited to our pride?   The lie we tell our self is the self sabotaged choice ?
  We,  with raging attitude ,  slander and disrespect the one walking in Wisdom....
Have we not yet learned?????  Wisdom must be proven! Wisdom CAN NOT be borrowed.
  Wisdom is within each man to attain.  It is within our grasp.
  If we do not or WILL NOT use our GOD given gift, we can not get  it from  another .
Oh we may try however, we will find it is for each one to encounter on their own.
Each man is given their portion in life.  It is the way of Creation to fill each one with certain gifts, talents, possibilities. 
 It IS your personal opportunity to proclaim :  100%   "YES I CAN-----WATCH ME " !!!!!
The difference between knowledge and Wisdom? Knowledge is acquired, gathered, learned.
Wisdom is knowledge perfected with honor and truth.  Put into practice and proven.
  Wisdom is woven into the fabric of our very being. Therefore~ BEING~ is an imperative!!!!
We cannot take Wisdom . But we can achieve it.
It must become personal and tried within the fires of our souls truth.
 We must learn to celebrate, bless and honor those who have gone before us.
In doing so we give our self permission to unlatch that big heavy rusted door in our own mind.
Give yourself permission to step through and be free. This is where freedom begins.
 Until  we  reach this place deep within our being we are only a clanging, noisy, unlovely sound !
 Wisdom has within it the Melody of Creation.
  It plays  beautifully the sounds of HONOR-TRUTH-RESPECT-INTEGRITY.
  These sounds cause us to stoop down, help uphold  one who has yet to stand and hear their OWN symphony !
  Take a good look ! Listen Intently ! Listen ~~~~ do you hear it ? The MUSIC is intoxicating.
  If we can not hear the music most likely we have not let our MOUNTAIN TOP experience bring us to our personal place of reckoning .
  Do not dispare-----IT IS IN REACH.  Now !  Today!   Change one thing and never ever give yourself permission to do it again.
Be disciplined and gracious to yourself....Give yourself time and space. 
Learn the notes and keys and tones.....  Then Watch as The Music begins to play.
Are you listening ?  There is a gentle whisper....soft and delicate...Lovely to behold.
   I can hear your MUSIC-----CAN YOU??????

Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspire the Magnetic Force

Have you ever noticed that WORDS have a Magnetic Force????
We speak and most times are not aware of the true Power of our words.
Power is not only in the physical.  It is also in the Spoken.

Of the utmost importance is the purpose and intent of our word.

This force, we do not always address , is parallel to the magnetic force upon the Earth.

The Power that moves around our entire sphere is exactly the same as the spoken word.

We do however , have to take responsibility for what we allow  ourselves to speak. 

Do you not know that science has deduced that the power of sound reverberates into infinity?

Therefore, our words are forever forcing their way throughout the universe thereby reproducing that which we have spoken......

Talk about magnetic power....and the power of the tongue in the spoken word!

We can go to either the North or South Pole and see the Light of the Magnetic Field.

Now, do you dare to go within your own sphere of knowledge and deal with the Power of your  words?

Here we, each one, MUST take a stand and realize that the energy field of our words indeed causes our own surroundings to be positive or negative.

Most of us blame others or circumstance for what develops within our immediate space.

What we Must look at is the force of what our words have accomplished for us..

Upon speaking well you receive well...upon speaking destructively you sow destruction.

This is a Creative Gift given to ALL Men...All Creation...All People.

In our freedom to speak we have thrust into the airwaves the vibes of our opinions.

These are indeed our Rights and our Responsibilities....

What, pray tell, are we speaking?   Are our words worthy of attention or worthy of the trash heap?

I am not suggesting we are not entitled to our own personal beliefs.

I am saying we are responsible for the Power of our beliefs....especially when we speak them to the world...into the eternity.

What are the shades of your words?  Are they Soft &  Lovely or are they dark & ominous?

Do they display Beauty or Harshness?

Do your words produce awe or incite fear or danger I mean the irresponsibility and  repercussion of negativity which can & does influence those around  us.

I am honored to say I know of people whose  choice is to speak well... speak honor.. speak life.

I have learned from them. Following  this positive example fills my spirit  with a hope that truly inspires my soul.

This is why today I ask you to think about your words....your influences and take the  necessary steps to make the stand.

Just think what is possible as we...each by one...take this step and speak only that which is Positive...Uplifting...Encouraging...

What  changes may take place as we choose to:  not curse our land...our family...our government...our loved ones...or an others choices.

We can send out such a vibration of goodness that we change our entire world for the better.

May I remind you to check out the Northern Lights and watch as they roll across the sky.

Then , think of your words and my words changing the colors from darkness...pain...selfishness...greed...unimportance.

What lovely colors we can make if we so choose...

What color are you choosing....?  Start today....

We will be watching the magnetic lights in the universe.

I can hardly wait to see your Beauty!    Oh, may your words take my breath away.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Peaceable Soul

Being Calm and Tranquil in our everyday affairs can be a serious undertaking.
In seeking to find and retain Peace we have to first desire it with ALL our heart.
Moment by Moment.
The most positive thing we can do is take ourselves into account and fight the good fight of Faith.
Faith is not always just about God ....It is also about putting our trust in a Truth that will make an everlasting change in our thoughts,beliefs,dreams and patterns of thinking.
When we desire with every cell of our being we open a doorway to a fulfilled hope that is indeed very attainable.
We must dare to dream and see ourselves confidently making strides within our new precepts.
There will always be moments of struggle and internal debate. Here is where our will comes into play. We MUST will ourselves to be that which we desire.
Take heed , for your desires are attainable however , your motives must be pure.
For our mind will only produce what we feed into it and will not fight unless we have a strong conviction that we will not be shaken.
Secondly, we need to fight our very worldly impulses and speak to our mind 
As long as we have breath- seeking Peace and Tranquility creates within a Peaceable Soul.
Seeking  to change ourselves is one of the Greatest compliments we can ever give ...To Ourselves...

It suggests we care enough about ourselves in a positive and most honorable way.  Not with pride or arrogance.

We open the door to a whole new understanding where things are possible ,workable and fulfilling our most heartfelt truths of Hope.

All we must do is continue to strive for that which is good.   Not harmful to ourselves nor to others.  Being steadfast as we take one step at a time.

One thought...One step...One Hope and the Joys that come fill us.  Here we find ourselves at Peace in the most difficult circumstances.

For we have resolve and conviction.   A  stillness that produces   Peace  to the core of our soul.

May I invite you to take that first steadfast and watch as you begin to see the world in a whole new light....

And the peace that passes understanding WILL fill your soul.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dare To Dream

Do you Dare to Dream ?   What about those Dreams to go somewhere or be something?   How often have your Dreams been put off to give credence to what you believe is important at the time .   I am not suggesting that lives issues are unimportant.   Nor that the everyday circumstances we face are insignificant.    I am , however, suggesting that life has caused many who did Dare to Dream , to loose their dream.   We do most definitely need to live and take care of our families and financial obligations .   But....What about your Dreams?   Are there any left or have they been reduced to mere fantasies .   Phantom thoughts that take no real precedence in your realities.   Please understand , I by no means condone any abandonment , neglect or selfishness.   We are so busy surviving the throws of life that we Do Not truly Live Life.    I still Dare to Dream of going to Europe.   Also, of taking a safari .  And I dare not forget my Alaska dream.    I have realized that while I have been surviving life I have not planned well enough to live out some of my very real, very tangible dreams.
You see, they got lost in the survival mode  which sometimes makes Dreams seem unattainable
or worse, unrealistic.
Mind you these are my Heartfelt realities.  They may not be yours.  You are truly capable of maintaining
your own personal Dreams.  The question is : Are you ?
We need to make room for our dreams and find realistic ways to achieve them honorably.
Plan and save your dollars and pennies.  Watch what you can accomplish.
I know of a man who pays any purchase with a full dollar amount.  Thereby keeping his change.  In 4 years he saved enough to go to France....A life long Dream.  He did not compromise but wisely  achieved !
When was the last  time you just stopped the clock for a moment and dreamed ?
Be reasonable and realistic !   For without this you cannot expect to approach your..Yes I Can !
Instill in your children the possibilities  of the dreams they  have.
Give them permission to dream and dare to believe their dreams attainable.
A dear friend has a 7 year old who wants to be a Brain Surgeon...yes that's what I said !
Well, her mother takes her to hospitals, doctors, the library.  Why ?   She is encouraging this
little one that anything is possible if you dare to dream and work at it reasonably.
I  know of a great man who once said: " I have a Dream" and went out into the world
and made that dream a realty. That man was Dr. Martin Luther King .
Just think of the possibilities this world holds for those who Dare to Dream and then
go after that dream with Honor,Heart and Diligence.
Oh, don't give up !  There is much at stake. You may be the one to invent a cure or bring Peace,
or scale a mountain, or travel the world.  Maybe write a book..  Maybe teach class.
Maybe the world has been waiting for your Dream to bring a Hope and Comfort to those in need.
May your heart be filled and your mind be diligent in All righteousness as you

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 How is it that we make so many plans for today then find no time to fulfill our plan?
Are we being realistic or are we hurried by the flow of society?
Questions without viable answers seem to flood our space.
Can we really be so full of self that we live in an almost robotic state?
Are we listening? Is this where we are as a people?
I have found I am consumed with ALL the schedules,chores and appointments.
OH, we are very busy....which causes us to feel very important.
Our days are filled with rushing,keeping rigid schedules feeling as though we have achieved even when...
Our family times are lacking.  Our children are out of the home
more than in the home.  We are emptied, exhausted and overtaxed.
Yes, jobs are important. Yes, children need to be filled 
both mentally & morally. Yes bills need to be paid.
But at what cost?
Today,stop for a moment. Breathe deeply the life breath gifted
to each one of us.
Feel the warmth of the sun. The comfort of a walk. Listen to some great music. Just stop for a moment!

Now, if you can, just be still.  Now, enjoy being yourself, Quietly...Gently...Fully.

Enjoy your family....your spouse....your children....
your faith.... because you choose to honor them.

Take time for the Beauty in life then watch what happens.

You'll find... Peace... Calm...Hope...Comfort...LOVE.

Oh the joy, all because you took time to stop for a while.

Take the time to sit, to dream, to watch, there is Abundant Beauty in all!

Oh! Enjoy. Be filled! Maybe, just maybe our world would truly become a better place.

What do you say?  Why not.  Let ALL of us attempt this !

Who knows?  We may leave this Earth greater than what we inherited....

What do we have to loose?  Go through this doorway and find what lies within...