Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Season

When we walk through this Great life of ours I wonder how
many times we enter a new season and do not know.
It appears that I have been in and out of seasons and only just realized that I have been not doing the one thing I have always loved ....writing!
I am noticing that this new season has brought with it many changes, twists and turns.
Some of us have moved on. We are in new places while others are in the same place with new discoveries and concepts.
Always there is something moving us on.  Prodding us to go ever forward in a place we know not, but must get to.
Times and dates seem to meld and create a tapestry of brilliant colors.
Step back,see the shades of life that have passed ? Have you noticed how lovely were their colors ?
Let us not spend too much time on those places where there are muddled and blurred shades of the past.
Rather, move into today with the Hope of what can be filling every fiber of your being.
Allow the past to direct the future, not Rule it with the doubt of misshapen memories.
Yes, there were and are real issues that occurred.  Yes, they caused some changes and some moments of distress.
However, they do not need to be thought of as crushing moments but rather; Large stable stepping stones helping us forge our way into today.
Some things can be changed.  Others cannot.  What will you allow to rule the moment for you ?
This is a new season. With it come many new and vibrant experiences.  Come let us reason together....
If we take that which can project us into this new beginning and leave behind what cannot....oh what joy, then we are making progress.
Today, the past must be just that..THE PAST...  We cannot change that.  However, we can change our Now Moment.
I want my moment to smell sweet and be vibrant with anticipations of ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
After all , it is a choice as to where, when and how we color our tomorrows.
The seeds of yesterday are meant to start a new crop of better tomorrows.
Not to cause us to bring the dust of yesterday into a new day.
In all circumstances there are positive and negative seeds left behind...
Those you choose to plant now will bear fruits in the future.
I choose to see positive seeds bear fruits of plenty in all GOODNESS... So can you....Choose the beauty... For there IS always Beauty if we only look.
Be brave, be bold as you make decisions.  For decisions are the keys to your new season.


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