Saturday, July 20, 2013


It All starts with a Seed !

Whether it is a thought or an action or a decision… the seedling of reality started the process of ALL that is Possible.

There are many ways to utilize information to fulfill it’s purpose.

However, there is only one right way for each person… even within the same thought pattern.

One MUST, take in the information and use it to fulfill their personal potential.

Ahhh..But the seed of thought is the essence of ALL Possibility…

Only You can decide which way to work the plant that arises from this gift of Creation.
 Have you taken in what is needed only to then cut down the  first fruits of it’s bounty?

Many a man has had the opportunity then without much thought cut off his own crop because he was in to much of a hurry to produce.

What happens next ?  There was not enough cultivation time, the seedling that burst forth has been stifiled…stunted…dwarfted… of it’s full potential… Why?

 We have tried to force the hands of time not waiting patiently while the planted seed takes root and reproduces itself within all the fullness of it's being and purpose.

We must be patient watering the seedling and tilling the land removing all the weeds…stones...debris.

This means we take time to… read….learn…use the proper tools appropriately. 
 To tenderly care for the seedling that was so gently planted within our mind and heart…

The work needed is for our benefit, for the world around us and for the benefit of the potential within the planted seed.

There is a place called PEACE OF MIND that makes all of this possible.

It starts within the mind and within the actions of the one Brave enough to utilize all the tools provided.

We must seek after these tools,  finding the best opportunities that will work the seedling.
 The efforts of our labour, our actions and steps carefully taken cause these seeds to bear their fruits producing a good crop in our lives.

When the right actions are applied and the forces of determination are instilled….Ahhh….then the fruits produced are abundant, sweet and rewarding.

However,  we must indeed take the necessary steps to forge ahead and work the soil of the seed.

This is one of the most important steps in producing the full crop for our labours.

Each step….each action builds within itself the power of fulfillment. The hope of change.  The excitement of newness.

No matter how tired or worn out we may be…No matter how abundant the task….There begins to be a reachable expectation.

Taken in small pieces and used for each intended purpose these seedling thought patterns have no choice but to burst into Fruition.

Many things in life come with instructions…many come with an untold knowledge…many are found and forged in the fires of adversity that each man must face and conquer.

It is true …If we Seek we Will Find….If we Ask we will Receive…. If we Knock the door Will be Opened to us.

BUT Know this….It is WE who must do the work.  We cannot get there on the backs of others nor with the skills of another.
We ourselves must learn, must know how to use these incredible gifts.

It MUST become personal…. be filled within the heart and soul of the one caring for the seedling….

Are your hands filled?  Is there work still to be achieved?  Will you Allow yourself the freedom of utilizing ALL the tools?

You will find that in order for the fullness to proceed, you must learn All that is possible, leaving no stone overturned to achieve.
Here we are talking about what is good, right, honorable.  Being mischievous or deceitful we become part of the problem and merely exist.

We MUST, therefore, Seek…Look…Read…Learn…Take the time.
 For in doing so we become the solution and change the space which we inhabit forever.

Then watch as All the seedlings you have tenderly planted and cultivated burst into plants that

Produce a Crop 100 fold….

The possibilities are endless and the potential is Abundant….

Take the needed steps.  Use All that is available.  Watch as life fills your cup to overflow…

I Dare You… I Dare ALL of Us... Plant the Seeds… Do the Work….

Watch as Life & Nature Fill you to overflow and possibilities beyond your reasoning take root .
May ALL that is Good Fill Every Opportunity You Encounter.


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