Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dare to DREAM

It appears that many of us have forgotten to Dare to Dream.

Not in a fantasy or childlike manner but with the Possibilities of a future filled with Promise and Purpose.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to step outside your own imposed barriers?

When was the last time you permitted yourself  the right to have or be more than you ever dared?

Many live in a self imposed invisible cage. We pace back and forth within it’s boundaries as one unable to be set free.

Yet for ALL intended purposes we are truly really free !  Look at your arms are shackles tied around them? 
 Do you have the invisible key to these invisible shackles?

When and how did they get there?  What caused these imposed limits and demands upon your free will and abilities??

Why these questions? Because it is my interpretation that WE, People,have developed some very limiting boundaries.

Not those that are needed such as, do not Steal, Kill, Covet, Cause Harm Deliberately…
No… these we know and for the most part seriously strive to live within .

I’m talking about the realistic abilities that can be achieved by anyone.
Yet many do not even attempt to stand nor live within the Purpose and Power of these principles.

We have forgotten to be Daring. We've forgotten to Dream ALL those Real Possibilities that Can BE——IF we would DARE!

We encourage children to believe they can be anything they like.
Then as adults we put constraints upon those dreams and press for a conformity that suits our opinions, beliefs or societal trends.

What has happened to our society that was once so supportive and encouraging to the Dreams of another ?  To the Hope of what one may become?
Even within the field that one wishes to work ....We have forgotten to DREAM... !  Dare I say, we desperately need to Dream again!  Yes Desperately ! 

We seem to be in a place of: not allowing ourselves to grow and stretch...therefore we dissuade others from their dreams also.

I for one have had enough of the head noise.  That of my peers of my family my so called  friends and  of course myself.
We  have those well meaning others saying things like:  "You can’t do that it’s a scheme."  "That doesn’t seem right for you." "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" "Can that really be your purpose ?"
We sell our self and others down a river of despair. Yet we ourselves long to traverse this river of great adventures and possibilities!

Have you given advice that was meant to turn away, possibly even distort rather than  inspire, support or build up?  
What in the name of ALL that is Great- True and Pure are we doing?  Have we become the thing we hated? 
 Have we let  fear or greed steal our very Honor and literally crush the spirit of another?
I have seen myself as well as others go above and beyond to stop or thwart an others dreams and plans.   This is one thing I AM NOT proud to say !
However, I've done this All in the name of friendship, caring, kindness dare I say even in the name of love.
Caring yet demeaning an others faith and dreams and hopes.????  For what purpose?  Maybe for the blatant fact that I can't seem to Dream right now so I can not help you to dream.
 It is my intention to enlighten !  To encourage !  I choose not to malign nor destroy. Not my Dreams ....  Not your Dreams...

I have been on the upward call of late and find many of my dear friends have opinions that say… no… you cannot… that doesn’t seem right…  ALL in the name of LOVE…but is it?
I had stopped dreaming… For life and thrown me some serious  curves which hit hard and furious. 
 However, in the midst of these there appeared to be a hope !
Doors began to open.   My mind began to stir.  Other possibilities appeared to become brighter in new and different ways.

I began to Dare to Dream again as HOPE flooded my spirit.  A new zeal I had yet to touch moved within.
 Oh, the breath of fresh air  the expectations began to spur me onward and stir my soul.

I realize this may not be the right time for everyone.  However, I am only looking for those who are looking for me….  those who are on the verge of a new beginning.

I am seeking to lift… build… inspire… the person who can relate and appreciate my words.
 You see I am sharing my most precious gift.....I am sharing myself!

I make no apologies nor will I ….  For I have thought long and hard.  I have faced my own Goliath and cut off it’s ugly head.

I seek to inspire anyone who would DARE to read these words... Dare to seek freedom…  To Dare to Dream of ALL the Possibilities that come from a change of thoughts, actions even beliefs…

If we dare to dream and fall short in our life plan, no matter whatever the circumstances… the CHOICE to do NOTHING  is our own….
Yet the choice to do nothing signifies an unwillingness.  A place where we stay mired in the muck and cemented in the patterns of thinking that caused us not to follow our dreams in the first place.

Oh my friend… my fellow sojourner... there  really are no shackles. There really are no limits.  Many who have been broken in body, mind, spirit even financially have stood at this precipice.

There is the Hope of YOUR Dream.  The courage to Dare oneself to look beyond that which appears to be in the way…

I have been climbing my own mountain.   I’ve fallen.  I have been struck. Yet again and again I've gotten up.  I am getting up once again right NOW !  Saying ” NO”  I will not stop… !!!
I have Dared and My Dream is at hand… For my dream holds within itself ALL the Hope for my future. As long as I have breath I CANNOT give up !!!

You see when I decided to Dream I noticed that life Dared to give back.  To give back for good thoughts  towards others, kind words, support without opinion,  the true sense of loving just for the sake of love…

No questions asked…No breaking of honorable rules...  The only expectations are from myself.  
 But each one must DARE to push ever on into our… why not me …why not now…?
Without the world view of usury or deceit.  Without manipulations or terrible disrespectfulness that rages within our society. 
 Oh no my friend it must be Pure Honor !

It dawned upon me I had imposed limits which tied me up… I believed in them more than My Dream….

Now in ALL Sincerity I write this after many a sleepless night.  After deep searching and taring down of these old patterns.... Dare  I say , "my spirit soars"…

For I have Dared to Dream ……………If I can……………SO CAN YOU…………… DARE………  DREAM……………  BE…………  BELIEVE……………WILL IT to be……… Seek it!
Watch as the World, the Universe..... gives back when you DARE to be your very best.
 Let go! Let the Hope of Life and the Gifts of Life deep within yourself fill your very HEART.
Yes you can.... We may find....that one by one we can change this world.

This is my desire for ALL … Be Filled and Prosper… Live in Honor…Integrity…Dignity….
Make a change.... Dare Yourself....




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