Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Peaceable Soul

Being Calm and Tranquil in our everyday affairs can be a serious undertaking.
In seeking to find and retain Peace we have to first desire it with ALL our heart.
Moment by Moment.
The most positive thing we can do is take ourselves into account and fight the good fight of Faith.
Faith is not always just about God ....It is also about putting our trust in a Truth that will make an everlasting change in our thoughts,beliefs,dreams and patterns of thinking.
When we desire with every cell of our being we open a doorway to a fulfilled hope that is indeed very attainable.
We must dare to dream and see ourselves confidently making strides within our new precepts.
There will always be moments of struggle and internal debate. Here is where our will comes into play. We MUST will ourselves to be that which we desire.
Take heed , for your desires are attainable however , your motives must be pure.
For our mind will only produce what we feed into it and will not fight unless we have a strong conviction that we will not be shaken.
Secondly, we need to fight our very worldly impulses and speak to our mind 
As long as we have breath- seeking Peace and Tranquility creates within a Peaceable Soul.
Seeking  to change ourselves is one of the Greatest compliments we can ever give ...To Ourselves...

It suggests we care enough about ourselves in a positive and most honorable way.  Not with pride or arrogance.

We open the door to a whole new understanding where things are possible ,workable and fulfilling our most heartfelt truths of Hope.

All we must do is continue to strive for that which is good.   Not harmful to ourselves nor to others.  Being steadfast as we take one step at a time.

One thought...One step...One Hope and the Joys that come fill us.  Here we find ourselves at Peace in the most difficult circumstances.

For we have resolve and conviction.   A  stillness that produces   Peace  to the core of our soul.

May I invite you to take that first step...be steadfast and watch as you begin to see the world in a whole new light....

And the peace that passes understanding WILL fill your soul.


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