Monday, June 10, 2013

The Music of Wisdom

Beware of not acting upon what you see and hear in YOUR moments on the mountaintop.
  If you do not obey-honor-respect the light of the GIFT given, it WILL turn into darkness.
  Therefore, how great is YOUR DARKNESS ?  Has your truth disintegrated within you ?
  Has your past experience of Mountaintop Utopia left you full of prideful selfishness?
  Therefore you....YOURSELF trampled your gift.
When we refuse to be what Creation has planned for us than a dark film of self-untruth-anxiousness and denial Rule our life.
  So the question I must ask.....How great is YOUR DARKNESS?
We've been sent a moment of Wisdom, one who has walked before us and come out of the DARKNESS.
  How is it that Wisdom is often limited to our pride?   The lie we tell our self is the self sabotaged choice ?
  We,  with raging attitude ,  slander and disrespect the one walking in Wisdom....
Have we not yet learned?????  Wisdom must be proven! Wisdom CAN NOT be borrowed.
  Wisdom is within each man to attain.  It is within our grasp.
  If we do not or WILL NOT use our GOD given gift, we can not get  it from  another .
Oh we may try however, we will find it is for each one to encounter on their own.
Each man is given their portion in life.  It is the way of Creation to fill each one with certain gifts, talents, possibilities. 
 It IS your personal opportunity to proclaim :  100%   "YES I CAN-----WATCH ME " !!!!!
The difference between knowledge and Wisdom? Knowledge is acquired, gathered, learned.
Wisdom is knowledge perfected with honor and truth.  Put into practice and proven.
  Wisdom is woven into the fabric of our very being. Therefore~ BEING~ is an imperative!!!!
We cannot take Wisdom . But we can achieve it.
It must become personal and tried within the fires of our souls truth.
 We must learn to celebrate, bless and honor those who have gone before us.
In doing so we give our self permission to unlatch that big heavy rusted door in our own mind.
Give yourself permission to step through and be free. This is where freedom begins.
 Until  we  reach this place deep within our being we are only a clanging, noisy, unlovely sound !
 Wisdom has within it the Melody of Creation.
  It plays  beautifully the sounds of HONOR-TRUTH-RESPECT-INTEGRITY.
  These sounds cause us to stoop down, help uphold  one who has yet to stand and hear their OWN symphony !
  Take a good look ! Listen Intently ! Listen ~~~~ do you hear it ? The MUSIC is intoxicating.
  If we can not hear the music most likely we have not let our MOUNTAIN TOP experience bring us to our personal place of reckoning .
  Do not dispare-----IT IS IN REACH.  Now !  Today!   Change one thing and never ever give yourself permission to do it again.
Be disciplined and gracious to yourself....Give yourself time and space. 
Learn the notes and keys and tones.....  Then Watch as The Music begins to play.
Are you listening ?  There is a gentle whisper....soft and delicate...Lovely to behold.
   I can hear your MUSIC-----CAN YOU??????


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