Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Power of One Man

I've been wondering .....Just wondering, how we are doing as a people.
What are our priorities ?  Why are they what they are ?  Where is our world going?
Men have conquered many things.  Flight.  Space.  Technology.  Medicine.  Oh so many things.  However, have we conquered ourselves?

 Really taken the steps to become better human beings than those of our past history?
There are many who would say, Yes.   Unequivocally YES !  But is this really true?
We thought the Caesar's were brutal.  We thought that Galileo was out of touch.  We've thought we were more intelligent than any era before ourselves.

Have you noticed it's all about We...Us...Our...Mine...Yours...Theirs...?  We seem to be consumed with ourselves and our intelligence.

Not learned knowledge, but the kind that sets one apart from another or above another.  We've written into laws the ability for some to be above the Law. 

 Positions, Attributes, Knowledge,  are all used to seal the fate of one into a position of some kind of authoritive abuse, although we'd never stoop so low as to admit this.

We've become so very Porud of ourselves that we granted ourselves permission to be demeaning and disgraceful to anyone different than our self or anyone we believe is less important than our self.

Positions have caused many to reduce others to lap dogs, belittled, betrayed, beneath the one in the authoritive position to lord over another.

We have glorified Class.  Money has glorified Position.  Family names have altered Status. Color has changed who is or isn't Allowed to be.

Oh, we wear many different hats...the boss, the doctor, the lawyer, the inventor, the writer, the teacher, the politician, the scientist, ....did you get it yet?

We are all so very proud of ourselves that we look down our nose at anyone we can put beneath our self.

At any given moment in a day someone is at the hands of another, mostly being abused or taken for granted.

We have all had the scenario played out before us.  We hated it done to us!  How is it that we can so easily do it to another?

How, in a world filled with True Knowledge have we sunk to such distasteful, demeaning behaviors?

Have we learned anything from our past history?  We are about to sell out our entire planet for the opinions of scientists, politicians, leaders of our communities who have been granted the status of superiority.

Our water is in danger.  Our air is poluted.  We use status as a calling card to power. We are destroying the land.

Why?  How is it that the few can regulate the lives of the many?  Why do the many sit back and allow themselves to be grossly manipulated ?

This IS a very serious issue. If we do not get back morals, values, and scruples we are leaving room for the few to destroy the many.

 With the smile of false kindness, and the promise of empty words, we are stealing the very bread from our tables, breath from our lungs and hope from our hearts..

We have medicines that will literally kill, but are produced because they make the few very wealthy.

We have chemicals in ALL sorts of products....oh yes, each country has their limits but, they are indeed still there.

Our children are being taught what the few have decided  is good, right or a viable commodity.

We sell our rights for false safety.  If we continue to be secure in the governments of our world we can literally kiss the world and ourselves goodbye.

Maybe to some I sound cynical or obtrusive.  To others foolish and not worthy of attention.  To others still I can be a threat.

If I get us thinking, standing and moving in a different direction maybe things would Really change for the better.

If we as a people, a country , a state or city or village or county or town, would dare to make a difference we can turn the tides of our world.

This is not just for one nation or one people.  This is about ALL of us. From the smallest of people the the largest .

Take a good look at the politics of the place in which you live.  Do they really take care of you?

Are things in place to help you make it or are you digging in the dirt, pressing into a system made to govern your very choices and behaviors?

Honestly,  we are ALL in the same place, because most of us do not have the high positions that give us the clout to produce the laws or factors of society.

All we have is our Truth !  We need to be on the same page if we are going to make a difference in our world.

We are ALL responsible !    We are ALL part of the problem and part of the solution.

Do you want the same fight for your children as you've had?  Will there even be the same opportunities for our children that we have had?

I am not saying I have all the answers,however, I am saying if we really stood together our world would have half a chance.

At any given time in any given day someone can be responsible enough to make a stand .

Someone can Encourage another...Inspire another...Feed another...Support another...Respect another!

It is not about race...color...ethnicity...regional or national.  It is however, about we, as men and women who would daringly  grasp the importance of each and every soul and HONOR them.

Oh, take a moment.  Make a difference. We have all we need.  It is in our hearts and minds, we are here for a purpose.

We were created with the abilities that can make a difference.

All of us have fallen short but, that can work for us.....How?  We can realize that NO ONE is better than another....NO ONE !

There IS hope for our world, it lies within the soul of every human being.

But, we MUST stand in Humility.  Not in Greed or a striving for Superiority.

Stand... because we can.. Reach... beyond our previous limits... Grant... our world the HOPE OF A FUTURE....

Now watch, as just one man or woman makes a difference, the tides WILL change, for the Creator, the Breath of Life , rewards the efforts of those who dare to stand.

May you find within yourself the Power, Will and Ability to look at the man in the mirror and start there.

I AM....


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