Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspire the Magnetic Force

Have you ever noticed that WORDS have a Magnetic Force????
We speak and most times are not aware of the true Power of our words.
Power is not only in the physical.  It is also in the Spoken.

Of the utmost importance is the purpose and intent of our word.

This force, we do not always address , is parallel to the magnetic force upon the Earth.

The Power that moves around our entire sphere is exactly the same as the spoken word.

We do however , have to take responsibility for what we allow  ourselves to speak. 

Do you not know that science has deduced that the power of sound reverberates into infinity?

Therefore, our words are forever forcing their way throughout the universe thereby reproducing that which we have spoken......

Talk about magnetic power....and the power of the tongue in the spoken word!

We can go to either the North or South Pole and see the Light of the Magnetic Field.

Now, do you dare to go within your own sphere of knowledge and deal with the Power of your  words?

Here we, each one, MUST take a stand and realize that the energy field of our words indeed causes our own surroundings to be positive or negative.

Most of us blame others or circumstance for what develops within our immediate space.

What we Must look at is the force of what our words have accomplished for us..

Upon speaking well you receive well...upon speaking destructively you sow destruction.

This is a Creative Gift given to ALL Men...All Creation...All People.

In our freedom to speak we have thrust into the airwaves the vibes of our opinions.

These are indeed our Rights and our Responsibilities....

What, pray tell, are we speaking?   Are our words worthy of attention or worthy of the trash heap?

I am not suggesting we are not entitled to our own personal beliefs.

I am saying we are responsible for the Power of our beliefs....especially when we speak them to the world...into the eternity.

What are the shades of your words?  Are they Soft &  Lovely or are they dark & ominous?

Do they display Beauty or Harshness?

Do your words produce awe or incite fear or danger I mean the irresponsibility and  repercussion of negativity which can & does influence those around  us.

I am honored to say I know of people whose  choice is to speak well... speak honor.. speak life.

I have learned from them. Following  this positive example fills my spirit  with a hope that truly inspires my soul.

This is why today I ask you to think about your words....your influences and take the  necessary steps to make the stand.

Just think what is possible as we...each by one...take this step and speak only that which is Positive...Uplifting...Encouraging...

What  changes may take place as we choose to:  not curse our land...our family...our government...our loved ones...or an others choices.

We can send out such a vibration of goodness that we change our entire world for the better.

May I remind you to check out the Northern Lights and watch as they roll across the sky.

Then , think of your words and my words changing the colors from darkness...pain...selfishness...greed...unimportance.

What lovely colors we can make if we so choose...

What color are you choosing....?  Start today....

We will be watching the magnetic lights in the universe.

I can hardly wait to see your Beauty!    Oh, may your words take my breath away.


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