Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Power of Your Words

Are we aware of ALL the Good that can be created by our Words ?
As we begin to dare to believe this we find ourselves entering into a state of Creation.
This infinite Wisdom was placed within Man for All the potential of , purpose 
and influence to be released. This comes about through and within the spoken Word.
A thought cannot exist without words. It is formed in the mind using language---Words.
So, whatever the word pattern-thought pattern-which dwells within,
at your core-your very heart- - you speak.
You will either speak life or death to yourself. However, many find they speak both.
The delusion completes itself in the pattern of thought and belief.
Delusion, because we usually have positive thoughts that are literally
 dashed-destroyed with one negative thought.
This negative thought raises doubt-pride and misplaced intent.
The principle gives abundant Power to Words and explains, profoundly,
the entire potential of the doubting thought process.
A good thought - pattern of Words spoken positively - will be shattered to pieces by
just one negative intrusive thought or perception in the mind.
Remember thoughts Are Words....It is of the utmost importance to
Reclaim and Command your Words....
We will either use Words as a Sword to cut through the debris of old patterns
or we will use Words to further build defenses of presumed safety.
Thus, like the fairy tale goes...we become trapped within the tower we created.
Your Words can and do really move mountains. However, they must be spoken !
It is safe to presume then, that the Power of our Words creates our state of being.
So, if your find yourself in worry you have entertained the thoughts to bring it about.
Have you found your Words raging as a rushing wave ?
You can calm the storm by speaking uplifting, kind,honorable Words.
Producing positive patterns of thinking and setting your mind free.
This is the Power of Good Intent.
Notice, it is intent of Word that brings about the positive life performance.
Within the intent of thought we either Bless or Curse our circumstance.
Intent will produce after itself.  Positive breeds positive.
Negative will also breed after and within itself.
Positive intent says," Yes I can... I will... Nothing will stop me... Not even me !"
Do not choose to hear one thing and respond with another. You reap the
benefit of the intended word patterns in thought causing your deeds
to be tainted with the stench of negativity.
Choosing the higher thought, good intent, in essence, cancels and destroys the negative.
Thus granting  freedom of release from the bondage's of old patterns of thinking.
Intent holds within it's clutches the process of the minds Permitted thought pattern.
Permitted because you will choose one or the other...a positive or a negative.
There are no other types of thoughts. Your Words will bring value to either choice.
One can literally forge from the junk pile of old thoughts - New
fresh and abundant images of Yes I can.... All things are Possible....!
How great are your Words ? What is the intent of Your Deepest mind ?
The Power to build and recreate is within YOU....
The mind rules the entire body..existence..being...Take the time today.
Use your Words to Dare to set yourself Free..


At March 9, 2011 at 4:12 PM , Blogger Dee Gabinet said...

I love, love, love the last line...sums it up in a stunning way and puts the responsibility right where it belongs. With us. Good or bad. We need to "dare" ourselves every day. Amazing, Fran...I look forward to more.


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